• Please apply for your VISA asap

    As from Oct 1st to 7th is Chinese national holiday, in case of the embassy suspends its service during that time. We would like to urge those who haven’t contacted local visa center for issuing to go for it asap. Because it usually takes us some time to provide with the invitation letter by organizer committee, the confirmation of hotel, especially the invitation letter by Government.it can’t be guaranteed to send them out by the end of Sept due to the lots of request.

  • Is there any pickup service if the participants arrive in early?

    If some participants arrive in Beijing on 11th Oct and would like to check in the Chateau Laffite Hotel at the same day, the organizer committee will pick them up from airport to hotel. If some participants don’t stay in the championship hotel but arrive in early, the organizer committee will provide the pickup service at an appointed time and location downtown on 12th Oct, also we will inform the time, location and contact’s number by email to the participants who need this service.

  • Is there any wireless network coverage within hotel?

    The 2013 WSC/WPC competition at the designated hotel have promised the organizer committee that there will be complete Wi-Fi coverage within competition area and lobby as well as the restaurant, and complete cable network coverage within all the rooms.

  • Will the Organizing Committee provide picking up service?

    During the championship, the organizing committee will arrange shuttle service for the players. Free shuttle bus service between the Beijing Capital International Airport and the Beijing Chateau Laffitte Hotel.

  • How to get to the Beijing Chateau Laffitte Hotel?

    The Beijing Chateau Laffitte Hotel is located in Qijiazhen Town north to Changping District, which is 10km away from Olympic Village west, 13km away from Beijing Capital International Airport east, and only 1.5km away from the nearest expressway exit. It just takes 15 minutes driving to get from North 4th Ring Road and 25min from downtown areas. And you can visit this web page: http://www.bjlaffitte-hotel.com/en/ztgh/index02.asp

  • How’s the October weather in Beijing?

    October is the beginning of autumn, the most beautiful season of Beijing. Rarely rains, the daily temperature ranges between 12-20 degrees. Only be cautious: the temperature difference between morning and evening is dramatically.

  • Where to exchange Currency

    Chinese currency is Renminbi (CNY) into which you can exchange from dollar or euro in hotel.

Welcome your questions……


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