WJSC Intro

As the WJSC is authorized by World Puzzle Federation(WPF), according to WPF’s regulations, only the member of WPF can take part in the competition,so please contact WPF ( http://www.worldpuzzle.org/) if you are not a member yet.


Registration form(download)

1.Registration fee

Participants and Captain: free

Guest450 Euro per person

P.S: 3 participants can get free of charge in each age category that has to be registered as a WPF member team;those besides the 3 free of charge participants should pay 350 Euro for registration fee, including the individual register of non-WPF member. Only 1 captain is allowed to be registered for each country team.

2.Registration time

1 April 2015 – 15 July 2015

3.Age category

Three age categories are set which are 15 under, 18 under and 21 under; we will take the birthday before 31 December 2015 as the final date.

For example: for the participants who would like to register as under 15, have to be born after 1 January 2001, those under 18 who have to be born after 1 January 1998, those under 21 who have to be born after 1 January 1995.

4.Individual competition and team competition

Each age category should have 4 rounds competition, the score of each round is added up as the total score according to which is the final rank.

The team for each round should consist of 3 competitors; team rank is according to the total score of 3 competitors’ individual round as well as the total score of 2 rounds team competition.

5.Award category

In each age category

Top 3 of individual competition

Top 3 of team competition

6.Competition rules and examples


Please send the registration form and the scanned copy of the passport page showing your personal information to the email address: wjsc2015@aliyun.com

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