Information for
The 22nd World Puzzle Championship
Beijing, China
1) Dates for the 8th World Sudoku Championship and 22nd World Puzzle Championship: 12-19 October 2013

2) Venue: Beijing Chateau Laffitte Hotel, Changping District, Beijing, China

3) Participation Fee
WSC Player:    350 Euros (4 nights)
WSC guest :    450 Euros (4 nights)
WPC Player:    400 Euros (5 nights)
WPC Guest:    520 Euros (5 nights)
WSC and WPC Player:    550 Euros (7 nights)
WSC and WPC Guest:    700 Euros (7 nights)
Additional information: the charge for participants who will only join in one competition (WSC or WPC) while staying in the Hotel for the entire 7 days will be 600euro/7nights totally.
Note: Fees of players including team captains but each team is only allowed to have one captain. Other people with team have to pay the guest fees.
Participants who take part in only WSC or WPC could pay an extra 100 euro for a single room;
Participants who take part in both events could pay an extra 150 euro for a single room.

4) The team formation for every country
   A. Each country can organize two teams: Team A and Team B.
   B. Each team consists of 4 members.
   C. All the players have to declare which team they play during the registration.
   D. Only the scores of the players in Team A will be officially recognized both as individual and team achievement in the winners table.
   E. The scores of the players in Team B will be unofficially listed in the winners table. But their scores will be officially recognized in the table under the 18 or above the 50.

5) Competition Schedule
12 October:    Arrival date, registration and opening ceremony.  
13 October:    Sightseeing for WSC participants  
14 October:    WSC Individual and Team competition  
                    WPC arrival and registration  
15 October:    WSC Individual final, WSC Closing Ceremony   
                     Sightseeing for WPC participants,lucky-draw   
16 October:    WPC individual and Team Competition  
                    WSC Players departure  
17 October:    WPC individual and Team competition  
18 October:    WPC Finals in the morning  
                     Football match in the afternoon  
                     Closing Ceremony  
19 October: Departure  
6) Winners
Both WSC and WPC will award
A.     Top three individual players;
B.     Top three teams.
C.     Top three individual players aged under 18;
D.     Top three individual players aged above 50.
7)Registration Time: 31 March—31 August, 2013.
8)Registration Method: Download the registration form, fill in and send back to
9)2013-Regform (Download

There will be one innovation implemented at WPC 2013 - a set of rounds prepared by international authors from all over the world called"Around the world in 80 puzzles"


Please find a more detailed description about the plans at the URL below.


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